Tas Star Transport is a dedicated nation-wide haulage company located in Tasmania.
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Our Equipment

Our fleet of trucks are at the cutting edge of transport vehicles. They come fully equipped with the latest in technology. We have containers specifically for fragile or refrigerated goods. This allows us to safely manage your cargo at the same optimum temperature from the beginning to end of the journey.

Thanks to our modern vehicles, we’re able to assure you a safe passage without any mechanical hiccups or problems along the way.

Our plant and equipment includes…

  • 7 x Mack Prime Movers (CH, Tridents, Quantams)
  • 1 x Volvo FH500 Prime Mover
  • 2 x Twin Steer Tandem Bogie Tilt Trucks – 15 tonne capacity
  • 4 x Single Axle Tilt Trays – capacity to 8 tonnes
  • 1 x Hino 4 tonne Tilt Slide Unit
  • 2 x Semi Super Tilt Slide Trailers
  • 2 x Semi Tilt Trailer Units
  • 1 x 20m Drop Deck Extendable Trailer
  • 2 x 18m Flat Top Extendable Trailers
  • 2 x 12m Flat Top Trailers (Container Pins)
  • 3 x B-Double Drop Deck Tautliners
  • 1 x 10yd Tipper with Super Dog Tipper Trailer
  • 3 x Forklifts – 3 to 15 tonne capacity
  • 4 x Truck and Trailer Units with Truck Mounted Cranes (for brick, pallet, machinery cartage)
  • 1 x Quad Axle Float and Dolly – capacity to 55 tonnes
  • 1 x Tri Axle Float – 30 tonne capacity
  • 4 x Truck and Trailer Flat Top Units

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