Tas Star Transport is a dedicated nation-wide haulage company located in Tasmania.
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Nation Wide Transport Solutions

Tas Star Transport is a dedicated nation-wide haulage service company, based in Tasmania. Tas Star Transport, formerly known as Kellara Transport Ply Ltd has been operating in Tasmania for the past 15 years. Our humble beginnings included starting operations with a second hand S-Model Kenworth fitted with a new 24ft tilt tray built by a local Tasmanian Engineering Company.

Tas Star Transport now has a fleet of 40 units consisting. This includes300

  • prime movers
  • rigid tilt/slide trays
  • specialised semi tilt slide trailers
  • extendable trailers
  • crane trucks
  • low loaders
  • forklifts and
  • pilot vehicles

Guaranteed reliable transport, with a high standard of service

Here at Tas Star Transport, we provide businesses with shipping, packing and transport of freight in standardised cargo containers adaptable to both train and truck vehicles. We take great pride in meeting and exceeding your expectations for customer service. Our nation-wide cargo and freight transport service means that wherever you need to go, we can take you there. We offer container and inter-modal logistics that operates with a paperless system, available 24 hours a day. Our Tasmanian company also provides suitable and safe warehousing facilities, as well as distribution services, all at an affordable rate.Our company provides specialised services to attend to different types of cargo, with safe warehousing possibilities also offered if required. Our specialised containers ensure your merchandise remains unaltered and safe upon arrival. Above all we promise you our services at a cost-effective price, maintaining our reputation as a leading professional haulage company.
We’ll Transport Almost Anything

Here at Tas Star, we provide specialised transport solutions including

  • General Cartage
  • Container Cartage
  • Tilt Tray Transport
  • Brick Cartage
  • Machinery Transport
  • Heavy Haulage
  • House Transport
  • Boat Transport
  • Over-Dimensional Transport
  • Pilot Car Services

Need to move something? Contact Tas Star Transport today on (03) 6326 3955. Alternatively, fill out your details on the right to Request A Free Quote.